Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The World is Watching Chicago!

We know that violence in our city is a problem.  We know that many students feel unsafe on their way to school, in their neighborhood and at home.  We understand that some kids are bullied or excluded which leads them to make unsafe choices with their peers.  We believe that students, teachers, families and the larger community can come together to provide solutions that make everyday experiences like sitting on your porch, walking to school and playing at the park more safe for children.

We also believe that this is not just a Chicago problem.  As the third largest school district in the country, we know that our policy decisions have influence and are observed by many around the globe.  As we move forward, we recognize that the world is watching Chicago.  Our choices today will impact kids and students for years to come. We hope that our leaders can make decisions in the best interest of the kids in our city and provide an environment that is safe for all.

We created this photo montage of people holding up  "SOS" signs around the globe.  We're sending our "Students Offering Solutions" message to the world and know that the world is ready to hear our ideas. 
Song: "Message in a Bottle" by The Police is available on iTunes.

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